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    -Down load Apps
    -14 levels of resistance
    -140kg weight capacity

    Cross Trainers 

    Welcome to, this site is owned and operated by Fitquip Fitness. The site has been dedicated to Cross Trainers, Elliptical Trainers and accessories without the confusion of other fitness products.

    There is copious research that suggests weight bearing exercises will help maintain bone density, which will aid in preventing conditions such as osteoarthritis. However, many weight bearing exercises will cause high impact loading on your joints i.e. running on treadmills. Cross Trainers  create weight bearing exercise without the impact on your joints. This is due to your feet being in constant contact with the foot pedals, therefore, there is no impact. Because of this many professionals will recommend cross trainers or elliptical trainers to anybody suffering from joint injuries.

    Elliptical Trainers 

    Unique to cross trainers is it’s a holistic workout. This means cross trainers allow both your upper and lower body to work in the same motion. This allows more muscles to be requiring energy and therefore more calories to be burnt, compared to machines that only focus on one body part. Working as many muscles as possible at the same time will not only increase your cardio-vascular fitness but will also help you loose any excess weight you may be carrying.  Cross trainers and elliptical trainers are very versatile in the different ways you can use them. You can use the cross trainers in a forward or backward motion, this will target different muscles as well as targeting muscles at different angles. You can also focus on purely working your lower body which will in turn give you a great abs workout to help stabilize your spine during the motion. Lastly pumping with your upper body will aid you in tone your arms.

    Features of cross trainers and elliptical trainers can vary from model to model. You should look for a machine with, at minimum a permanent magnetic resistance, variety of programs to keep you motivated, if your goal is weight loss heart rate control programmes compatible with a heart rate monitor will very beneficial, adjustable foot pedals and stride angle and lastly a good solid framework. A good indication of solid frames is the cross trainers overall weight, and its weight capacity. The heavier the machine usually means, the higher the quality.

    As with most products in the market today, there is always cheaper machines made to a lower manufacturing standard. These products will be very jerky in there motion due to cheaper resistance systems used, and often have weaker frames that can often fail. We highly recommend purchasing a cross trainer or elliptical trainer from a reputable brand like FitquipBodyWorxHorizon , York Fitness etc. Warranty is often a reflection of the quality of a product, we would recommend as a minimum the cross trainer or elliptical trainer to have Lifetime Framework, minimum of 1 year parts and in home labour. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned dollars on a cross trainer or elliptical trainer only to have the machine breakdown and have the stress of trying to find someone to fix the machine, therefore, buying good quality products with national warranty structures is highly recommended.

    We hope this information on cross trainers and elliptical trainers has helped you in your decision in improving your health and fitness. Please feel free to check out our cross trainer catalogue for all of the quality products we sell.

    Remember, motivation will only get you started but habit will keep you going……Good Luck